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My Serperior Brings All The Boys To The Yard



His only offensive moves are Grass type which has terrible coverage but he still kills everything. Also Musharna = :wub:


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My Pokemon bring all the boys to the yard

And they're like, "wanna trade cards?"

Darn right I wanna trade cards,

Keep your Pichu, I want Charizard


Wait, so people still play these games? :wacko:

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They're actually shockingly popular. I thought it was dead until a few years ago (I'd never played but I knew someone that collected cards) and then I find out they're stilll making them... And they are still big sellers... and they are actually really fun, if you like turn based strategy RPGs.
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It just weirds me out since the first games came out when I was in sixth grade, and they were so popular then. I had no idea they just kept churning out games and that new generations of kids kept getting hooked on them.

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There are 649 species as of last September.


Edit: Eh, the thing in my sig is one of them.


Edit2: I was three when the first one came out. o_o

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Guest kopakanuva13


My Deoxys brings all the boys to the yard.

Darn right it's better than yours.


I can teach you but I have to charge :V

My Zapdos brings all the boys to the yard

Darn right, it's better than yours

Watch out, I'm using Charge

Watch out, I'm using Charge

And now my Thunder--aw, it missed.


[/corner of shame]

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