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I Have Plastic In My Eyes

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer


So, after ten years of glasses, I finally decided to try that other option that doesn't involve shooting lasers in my eyes.


Open eye, insert plastic, see clearly without glasses. Sounds simple.


But there's something that never really registers up until that very moment...


Your eye doesn't want plastic in it.


Never mind that you'll be able to see yourself in a mirror from farther than five inches! You're attempting to not only touch your finger to your eye, but insert a foreign object! I don't know about yours, but my eye's total unenthusiastic reaction was basically the following:


"Oh, hi, you took your glasses off! My, things are blurry today, you gonna put those back on? Oooh, tiny little circley thingies... you know, you could probably see them better if you put the glasses back on. No? Oh well, your choice. Hm, those sure are tiny... wait, what are you doing? You can't need to hold them that close, honest, I could see them just fine before... wait! WAIT! Are you aware that you're trying to stuff that in your eye!? OW! Stop it! OW! What are you huffing in frustration for!? I'm the one trying to stop your insanity! I'm --OW!-- warning you! HEY! Just doing my job here!"


So eventually, you physically restrain your eyelids and ignore every cry of sense and reason that they scream at you, and after a few tries you can miraculously see! And then your eye just says, "Hm, this is actually quite nice... ooh, I can make out the pattern of the carpeting and everything... very nice, very nice, so we're just going to keep this in then? I think I can deal with... wait. Wait. NO! You don't need one in the other eye! We're doing just fine here, thank you, and --OW!"


Happily, after almost a week of practice, my eyes and I have reached an understanding. I pry them open and jab the contacts in them, they get to cry and twitch and redden as much as they please, and in the end we both get to see. Win/win situation! =D




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I could never do contacts; thus I wear glasses. They're inconvienent at times, but I like them better than contacts. ;)


Although glad you can see clearly.



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I wanted to try contacts, but the thought of putting things in my eye just does not appeal to me. At all. Maybe one gets over it after a week of practice, but that's a week I'd rather not go through.


Lasers are just a whole other degree of terrifying and are less of an option than contacts.


Glasses might get scratched and dirty (and, on occasion, broken), but I think I definitely prefer them.

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my sister uses contacts. at first it was really awkward for her and she didn't like them, but if you're careful and just keep doing it youll get used to it. its just like a habit of brushing your teeth. i think you look pretty with glasses, but contacts would be nice too.

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This is why i'm going with lasers.

I tried lasers once. Not much fun. Then again, maybe I shouldn't have tried it at home with a laser pointer :P


Good to hear you're doing well on that, Turakii. I'll probably never try contacts, my eyes aren't exactly contacts-friendly.

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I'm so glad my eyesight works fine. For now, at least.


Seriously, I don't think I could handle contacts. I can't even take eye drops.

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The only thing bad about my contacts is when they randomly decide to fold back up onto themselves and slide up underneath my upper eyelid for no apparent reason. I have to use everything short of a vacuum cleaner to get them back out from under there.
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I think it took me a total of ten hours worth of going to the eye place to get to the point where I could do contacts. I can get them in just fine now, but I don't wear them every day because I can't seem to hold my eyes open enough in the morning. :P
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Yeah, as you're discovering, all it takes is a bunch of practice. Your eyes will eventually get used to them, I swear. I've had them for almost four years now (... wow) and it takes zero effort to put them in and take them out now.


I actually got them at first because I look better without glasses than I usually do with them, but since then I've discovered that I see much better with contacts. I think it's just because with contacts, I can see sharp -everywhere- I look, whereas with glasses the very sides and top and bottom are blurry since the lenses don't cover those parts...

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Yeah, I wasn't able to adapt to hard contacts, so I was prescribed soft onces. Pain in my rear to remove, but it better than my eyes getting irritated when I wear them.


Welcome to the crowd of the visually augmented. |D

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I got contacts last year..and I remember how difficult it was those first few weeks..but y'know, after a while you just get used to them, and in a few months, it wasn't even a problem. Really beats wearing glasses - glasses just look terribly misplaced on me...I would like laser eye surgery, though, if it wasn't so expensive...cos then you could see anytime, whenever, wherever! Even at night! I dunno, it seems exciting..
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I've wanted to try contacts, but then I wouldn't look as cool and smart as I do with glasses on. (and goodness knows I need the help...)


~ :t: :a: :r: :k: :a: :n: :a:

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Contacts: Didn't people used to avoid eye-to-foreign object contact?

Lasers: Didn't people used to avoid shining bright lights in their eyes? Except for this one kid from another school who, while doing an experiment with light in science class, shined a laser in his eye for 5 minutes straight, then complained that his eye hurt. He's the reason the kids are no longer allowed to handle laser pointers in science class anymore.

Glasses: Best option.

Nothing: Don't come crying to a fire hydrant when you run into an oak tree.

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