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Ralph Ruined Survivor!



I am a loyal follower of the reality show Survivor, and especially a fan of the Teridax of the show, Russell! In fact, I love him so much that I got extremely butthurt when he was voted out and then lost the Redemption Island duel! Like the Announcement that Bionicle would end, only quieter, kind of butthurt. :burnmad: I also now hate Ralph because he was the mastermind behind it all.


If I was on that show and on the same tribe as those two, I'd be scheming furiously against Ralph, even if I get voted off for it. I'd stick close with the rest of Russell's alliance (which I would've been a loyal member of myself), and together we'd bring the tribe to its knees in Russell's name! We would introduce the tribe to a shade that's even darker than Russell could pull off!






*anticipates "You take things WAY too seriously; you should see a psychologist"*


Recommended Comments

Just so you know, you're misusing the spoiler tag and using leet in this entry. :psychotwitch:


1. I used the spoiler tag because the text inside it revealed what will come in the next episode of Survivor, which some Australians haven't seen, and don't want spoiled.


2. I don't understand what you mean by leet. I copied the entry to my deviantArt journal and I see no leet.


EDIT: I just found it, but I didn't think it was considered leet. Plus I've said it before but never gotten in trouble for it.


Ralph wasn't the mastermind behind it.


I thought he was!

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