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Vezon never locked a blog entry simply because of a Hero Factory banner.


Therefore, Vezon.

That's why I made this entry, because I knew what I did was nothing short of insane.

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Currently, your childish behaviour towards a toy line seems to be just a desperate cry for attention whether it's positive or negative. So I'd pick Vezon, because he doesn't want the attention that you do.
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Yeah, well, it really isn't a matter of sanity.

You're more sane than Vezon, that's for sure. You are perfectly capable of rational thinking.

However, you are much more immature. More to the point, while you're capable of rational thinking, your general attitude regarding plastic action figures makes us believe you don't use that capacity too often here.


Just sayin'

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You, obviously. I mean, you're generally calm and even minded, but sometimes can seem a little immature when it comes to Bionicle and it's end. Whereas Vezon wouldn't cry over a toy line's end. But, then again, if he did have time for toys/a toy line and it ended he could just use his Olmak to transport to another dimension where they were still going, thus never experiencing his favorite toy's end.


You have more sanity, you just react childishly to some things. But that doesn't make you a terrible human being, nor does it make you insane.

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