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Toys And Humans Beware - The Digital Villainy Has Returned!






Thirty years ago, an army of evil Digimon called the Digital Villainy declared war on the toy civilisations of our world. They would've taken over the world too, had it not been for the interference of a group called The Jigsaw Of Rebecca. Despite heavy losses, they were able to force the Digital Villainy back into the DigiWorld.


Now, the Digital Villainy have returned, and threaten to wage war against the world once again! The following members have been sighted in south-eastern Australia trying to establish a foothold on our world (starting with the large MOC, and then going left to right):


Bionimon - Once the leader's right-hand, Bionimon has now risen to full leadership after the original leader died after the war from natural causes. While he is a good military tactician, he can be rather reckless at times, and is often quite naive. As a battler, however, he is virtually unmatched! His Mauler can break through shields and still deal major damage, and his Stellar Converter is designed to destroy shields and other forms of protection.


Diskmon - The largest of Bionimon's lieutenants, Diskmon is known by both friend and foe for his imposing figure, and he is just as powerful in combat. His Spinning Tackle can send groups of foes flying every which way, making them easy pickings for the armies he leads. In addition, his Tornado Gust can blow enemy forces into the horizon, usually to allow his army to retreat.


Toothmon - Undoubtedly the dumbest and least powerful of Bionimon's lieutenants, Toothmon is more a follower than a leader, and is quite often seen following Corkymon, who is much his opposite. Toothmon's specialty in battle involves distracting, disabling or even killing enemy leaders using his Tooth Missile and Razor Fang attacks.


Clamoflamon - Bionimon's newest lieutenant, Clamoflamon can sometimes be a bit naive about her adversaries, relying mostly on her instincts in battle, but those instincts and unnatural battling prowess make her especially dangerous. Next to nothing can get past her hard shell, and any that get too close to try to pry her soft inner body loose get pummelled with a barrage of her Frozen Pearl attack, or drowned on dry land by her Water Sphere attack.


Rokatemon - Rokatemon was the first of Bionimon's lieutenants to re-enter our world. He was able to enslave a group of toys called Funwar before encountering The Jigsaw of Rebecca again. While not the smartest of Bionimon's lieutenants, his experience against this generation of TJOR has proven invaluable. He can launch a guided missile with his Comet Orbit, and rain asteroids down from above using Asteroid Belt.


Corkymon - Corkymon, Bionimon's most intelligent lieutenant, Corkymon is a mad scientist and famed inventor, being the creator of the Digital Villainy's powerful and versatile robotic drones, the Skull Masks. His humongous brain is 3 times the size of the rest of his body, and as such is as durable as a human skull. When surrounded, Corkymon can unleash his Brain Power attack to damage and send sprawling all nearby adversaries.


Matoramon - Bionimon's most powerful lieutenant, Matoramon has limited powers over nature. In addition, her agility is surpassed by none. She can use Moss Vine to help her manoeuvre more easily in forested areas, as well as to capture and interrogate enemy warlords, and her powerful Climate Ball differs in element and effects depending on where she is.


Missilemon - A close friend of Diskmon, Missilemon is known for his lightning speed and power. However, he is also known to have a conscience. Why he joined the Digital Villainy is unknown, but what is known is that his lightning-fast and deadly Drilling Speed Attack has proved him quite the adversary.

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