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Facts About Bunda



~Well Known Facts~


Bunda's favorite Bionicle character is Taipu.


Bunda's favorite Bionicle set is Gadunka.


Bunda's favorite franchises are Pokémon, Lego, Mass Effect, and Halo.


Bunda's favorite color is purple.


Bunda's favorite Pokémon are Leafeon, Lapras and Typhlosion.


Bunda has a crush on Tali from Mass Effect.


Bunda is a perfectly average Halo player, who has a KD of 1.07.


Bunda's favorite weapon in Halo is the Plasma Pistol.


His favorite vehicle is the Revenant.


Bunda's favorite books are probably The Two Towers and the Azumumanga Daioh omnibus. He is aware of how different those books are.


Bunda's favorite TV shows and series are Soul Eater, The Last Airbender, LOST, Invader ZIM, Castle and Fringe. He is sad only Castle and Fringe are still airing. He is excited for The Legend of Korra and hopes they make a second season of Soul Eater.


Bunda's favorite characters from Avatar is Toph, and a three way tie for second place would include Iroh, Mai and Ty Lee.


Bunda was born in Winter, but his element is so Earth.



~Slightly More Obscure Facts~


Bunda's favorite character from Soul Eater is Crona, even though he found him to be very irritating at first. Now he relates to him.


Bunda's favorite character from Azumanga Daioh is Osaka, or maybe Tadakichi San.


Bunda has crushes on Zooey Deschanel and Liv Tyler.


Bunda is only an active member of three forums, including BZP.


Bunda wants to play through Pokémon Grey version with his favorite Pokémon from every generation, including Lapras from GenI, Typhlosion and Crobat from GenII, and Leafeon from GenIV. He doesn't know what he wants to use from Gen III and V because his favorite Pokémon from GenIII is Walrein and that's redundant with Lapras. He is considering Scrafty.


Bunda's favorite music genres are pop, electronic, folk, and alt rock.


Bunda still cannot find music from the Christian genre he enjoys, beyond Switchfoot and Relient K, and he doesn't count those because they are not really part of the genre.


Bunda wishes more people would read Hank the Cowdog, because the book series is genius.


Bunda's favorite animal is the rat.


Bunda was not born in the year of the rat.


Bunda was born in the year of the monkey.


Bunda's least favorite animal is EVERY MONKEY.


Bunda's only consolation for this cosmic disaster is that the character of the monkey in Fruits Basket is vastly superior to the character of the rat.


Bunda's fear of monkeys stems from the fact that he watched Evolution when he was way too young.


Bunda misses his pet rat, Pezzy May Tricksy Ratty [last name censored.]


Bunda also misses his dog, Kip.


Bunda also misses his dog Pippi, who smelled weird and was very senile.


Bunda also misses his rabbits, several of whom died in gruesome and mysterious ways.


Bunda has less than a dozen good friends, only one of whom lives in the state he currently resides in.


Bunda is probably going to Texas A&M next year even though he doesn't like maroon.


Bunda likes burnt orange even less, however, so he'll probably be able to squeak by.


Bunda is currently watching the original FMA series, and is not terribly impressed.


Bunda can passably imitate an angry squirrel



~Facts You Probably Don't Know~


Bunda can also passably imitate an angry rabbit, even though they make no sounds. Body language speaks volumes.


Bunda has watched every season of American Idol and thinks this year is the best by far. He was happy Stefano went home last night. He hopes Jacob goes home next week. Then it will be the best top five ever. He likes Haley best, but hopes she doesn't win so she doesn't get one of the lame American Idol contracts. He will probably buy her album, which is something he has never done before.


Bunda, in fact bought her rendition of Blue off iTunes, and that is unprecedented.


Bunda's entry into the current Hero Factory contest has been done for like a week. It's made almost entirely out of 2.0 parts. It's hideous. And not in a good way.


Bunda is gay, possibly a bit bi, and has previously only mentioned this to Tilius of BZP and his own mother.


Bunda's mother was curiously silent and has never brought it up again.


Bunda intentionally posted this far down the list because he wanted to say it but didn't want to broadcast it to the entire planet.


Bunda doesn't like it in Hawaii and wants to move back to Texas.


Bunda is happy there's a Lego convention in Texas now.


Bunda has always lived in a Christian home and has been surrounded by Christian people, but only recently has he actually started looking into religious stuff.


Bunda has been assumed to be Christian by pretty much everyone and never felt like contradicting them.


Bunda believes in Jesus and what he said but still struggles with the concept of religion.


Bunda thinks Jesus struggled with religion, too, so he's okay with that.


Bunda has been reading many books about it lately.


Bunda only just started reading the Bible seriously. Bunda is not starting with Genesis, but randomly started with Hosea.


Bunda thinks Hosea is nice poetry even if you don't believe it's true.


Bunda used to believe in Young Earth Creationism but recently realized it is an impossibility so now he doesn't know what to think, though he still believes in Intelligent Design.


Bunda gets seasick.


Bunda hates most fast food.


Bunda likes Panda Express, however.


Bunda is fat even though he likes to eat healthy things naturally.


Bunda probably eats too much healthy things.


Bunda has never had a dream where he was flying.


Bunda's dreams generally consist of getting lost in Wal Mart.


Bunda thinks they are terrifying dreams.


Bunda once had a dream where he was attacked by hundreds of Gollums from the animated hobbit.


Bunda is probably scarred for life.


Bunda is terrified of roaches and most cheese graters.


Bunda is frustrated by the alarming lack of good looking official Pokémon shirts.


Bunda wonders if people can identify which one of these is not like the others.


Bunda is now taking questions.



Bunda edit: Bunda gets to use this picture again. It is his greatest artistic accomplishment.




Bunda wonders what he was thinking when he made this other one:




Recommended Comments

>original FMA series


No no no no no. You want to watch Brotherhood. Brotherhood is where it's at.

That's where I'm going next. I like to finish what I start unless what I start is TRULY GHASTLY.


List addition: Bunda is trying to read the Dark Tower series because a friend is lending them to him and his friend absolutely loves the books and Bunda doesn't want to disappoint him even though Bunda has read a book and a half in an he pretty much loathes it so far.

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Bionicle isn't one of your favorite franchises?
If I listed every Lego line I liked, I would have listed every Lego line I like. Long list would be long.
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Alright. My apologies.

NO FORGIVENESS. (Bonus fact: Bunda never forgives. :angry:)


I'll only judge a man by his favorite Godzilla monster. YOU DIG?

I've only seen one Godzilla movie and it was hilarious and awful.

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How can people love texas? it's so hot down there.

The summers were DOOOOOOM, but winter is very nice, and I just love the town where I grew up. Which is Bryan/College Station. And that's where A&M is. And A&M is a good school. Plus, I have a lot of friends back there. I mean, I lived in one house for... 14... years.


Bionicle isn't on the list



Lego is near the top. Lego = Bionicle. And Hero Factory. And Space Police.

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I liked Hawaii, but I guess I wasn't living there for longer than three weeks. And I still have a soft spot for where I grew up in Colorado before we moved, so I can understand that.


Can't understand the obsession with Pokemon, but whatev. :P



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I liked Hawaii, but I guess I wasn't living there for longer than three weeks. And I still have a soft spot for where I grew up in Colorado before we moved, so I can understand that.


Can't understand the obsession with Pokemon, but whatev. :P



1) I like collecting things.


2) I like character design.


3) I like RPGs.


So Pokémon was pretty much made for me.


Hawaii is a great place to visit, and some people (the rest of my family) love to live here.

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Bunda is probably going to Texas A&M next year even though he doesn't like maroon.

I love you, but please don't join the Collie Cult. Please please please. I mean, it's a step up from being a Red Raider, but not by much!

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I've never really been interested in any school's cult programs. I think you have to like sports to join them.

No, A&M is just a weird school. They are jokingly referred to as a cult by most other Big 12 schools, and that has nothing to do with their sports, and everything to do with their weird fake military stuff. To be honest, they creep me out.


Gorgeous campus though, and wonderful fans. I like UT a lot better, though. And Austin is like the best town outside of Portland ever.

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Yeah, I can totally understand that, and I agree. Their... rabidness... is... not exactly something I want to catch. My grandma used to make these (wonderful) back and neck warming pillows and I used to help her sell them... at... *shudder* craft fairs. AGGIE MOMS SCARE ME. My mom is technically a mom of an Aggie (my bro graduated a couple years ago) but she is not an Aggie Mom. Thank God.
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Where are you?



Beaumont, well about 20 minutes from Beaumont but its a small town so I doubt you know of it. Not really far but not really close.

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