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One Hour Of Portal 2 Later

Inferna Firesword


I'm feeling very pleased with myself and watching Transformers: Prime online.


Zen's currently trying to get through one of the earliest testing chambers (he started about ten minutes ago -- he's asking for my help but I'm telling him he's gotta figure it out himself), and I'm on Chapter 2 so far. After getting Reach in a few weeks, I'll know what to buy next -- The Orange Box.




(PS: Anyone with Portal 2 & Live care to trade Gamertags for Co-op?)


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Congratulations on getting Portal 2! I'm also looking for someone to play co-op with;

so if you would want to, just send me a pm.

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I find it ironic, I have it for PC and PS3, not xBox.

When most of my friends that would/do have it are on the xBox.


So yeah.

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I find it hilarious I've almost beat the game in what, four hours, while others have barely got to chapter three in that time.


Some of those puzzles can be tricky -the three lasers in the lategame, for instance-, but they're all obvious answers and you just have to relax, drink some mountain dew, and think with portals.


Am I the only one who wants a Forge like thing for Portal 3, so you can craft your own test chambers and play with people online with them?

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