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Moh Rising Sun Needs A Proper Ending.

Blue Fire


In the ending of Medal of Honor: Heroes, Col. Hargrove tells you that Sergeant John Baker is being transfered to the Pacific to aid Corporal Joseph Griffin in POW rescue raids.


Now, in that statement alone, there is a noticable flaw (of which is in bold). In Mission 6 of Medal of honor Rising Sun, titled Singapore Sling, Floyd (aka OSS Agent with sunglasses) says: "Take a seat, Sergeant Griffin." From there, the events of Medal of Honor Rising Sun takes place from March to July of 1944. MOH Heroes' ending takes place sometime after the Battle of the Bulge, which takes place around 1945. Now somewhere in that time, Griffin was demoted, because I doubt Hargrove would forget/be uninformed someone's rank, especially if they are in the OSS.


Now then, Medal of Honor Rising Sun was cheated out of a proper ending/a sequel. The majority of the reasons were that the people involved with Rising Sun were never mentioned again. So I just limited it down to the two most important people:


1) Major Borov, a Soviet who would be willing to make peace with the Germans/change the USSR's leadership that would aid the Germans in someway. Possibly by killing Stalin. Now if that were to play out like with the Czar in WWI, the USSR would pull out, having the Germans focus their attention on the Western front. Not even saying his conspiracy was uncovered and he was arrested by the Soviets is unjustifiable.


2) Shima. Not only is he responsible for the death of Tanaka (a fellow OSS agent), but he also manages to escape the Supercarrier with your brother. The last place he'd take him is to a random POW camp. If anything, he'd keep Donnie (your brother), close by for leverage in the case of an assault led by you. Who wouldn't want revenge against him?


Medal of Honor Rising Sun was cheated out of a sequel, and was only given a cop-out ending in MOH: Heroes, that couldn't even keep consistancy with MOHRS's storyline. Even if its in a graphic novel collection of MOH stories (call it MOH Legends), Rising Sun needs a proper ending. Heck, I could write one. Even MOH Heroes 2 could've corrected this, but instead, they make a new guy (someone we've never even heard of, sort of going against the point of Heroes) and place him and the hardly-heard-of battlefields in France.



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