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Latest Updates In The Life Of Kohila



Wow. This is... wow.


I never really thought of how much BZPower impacted me until it was gone for as long as it was. I mean, yeah we've had periods without it here and there, but this... This was a shocker.


I'm bitter-sweet about the new layout. I love the new features, but I'm having a semi-difficult time getting around the site. Which, in time, I hope I'll become accustomed to.


So, what've I been up to these past few months? Nothing in particular, actually. Things have been quite quiet in my household and I'm in my Senior year of high school which, quite simply, feels really short already.


Most of my time as of late has been involved with RuneScape and MSPaintAdventures. Both of which have taken my time so much. :P


I'm using Skype a lot more, also! If you wish to chat me on there, you can add me. My username is Kohilaice. :)



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