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What Actually Happened



I got into ponies, naturally. Rarity is stunning.


I got a computer. Lenovo y560p. I like it. It's quite powerful, but the screen is just a regular 'ol LCD, it doesn't have a blu ray player, and the keys aren't backlit. But hey, I don't have to cope with Apple products anymore!


I got a new phone, but that was pretty much right after the forums died. It's a Samsung Infuse. Very nice indeed. The AMOLED screen is gorgeous and I think it's ruined me for other phones.


Got a PS3. Only games I have for it are Uncharted 1 and 2, and Infamous 2. Beat Uncharted 1. Bleeeeh. If that was really the best PS3 had to offer in 2007 I feel sorry for PS3 owners. =/

I'm about halfway through Infamous 2. Been going slow, sandbox type games aren't very compelling to me. Also the AV cable for the Playstation derped so I have to get a new one before I can continue. Speaking of sandbox type games, I just started Red Dead Redemption so we'll see how long I can last before it gets supremely boring.


Getting back into the Pokemon RPG I'm supposed to be staffing in CoT will be not so great, but I'll try.


PERHAPS MOST IMPORTANTLY I moved out and am now living in Texas so we'll see how that goes? I just got here last week. I'm looking for a job but that's no fun. I'm mostly just languishing at the house now (sharing an appartment with my brother and two other guys).




Edit: I started watching New Girl just because Zooey Deschanel is adorable but it's actually pretty funny. Better than a lot of other sitcommy shows out now. *pukecoughbigbangtheoryissoterribleaaaaaughtrololol*


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Dude, I did the same thing with Questionable Content, and then again with Shortpacked, and again with Dumbing of Age. Such a terrible idea. :P

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Haha, PS3, u so crazy.


Red Dead is an amazing game, and can be hilarious in multiplayer. Please finish it, it has an amazing ending that I hope isn't already spoiled for you.


And ya, Big Bang Theory isn't that great anymore. It used to be really funny, but the jokes have just gotten worse.


If you want a really hilarious show, the third season of Community came out recently. It's my favorite show, and isn't afraid to go where other shows are. One episode had the main characters playing a dungeons and dragons game to boost the confidence of a guy who was severely depressed. The first season is on netflix if you have it. Again, I highly recommend this show.



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