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What Did Steve Jobs Mean To You?

The Guy Who Came Back


Title pretty much says all. What did Steve Jobs mean to you? He had to have effected you in some way, I mean without him computers wouldn't have a GUI most likely, or if they did it would be years behind.




As for me...


I've read biographies on Mr. Job's life and philosophies and it has touched me and has help create goals I have for my future. I will deeply miss hi,m and his visions about people and technology.


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I'm a Microsoft fan, but in a way, Steve Jobs directly influenced my family's grasp on technology.


He helped Apple invent the iPhone. Not too long after, a plethora of touch-screen phones, all by different companies, entered the market. My dad uses a touch-screen, himself, and thus Steve Jobs has touched our lives, indirectly, but still.

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He helped create the imaginative licenses that were the foundation of some really cool gadgets, but what I admired about him most was his business skill and his charisma. He literally turned Apple Co. from a minor tech company with negative numbers into a multibillion dollar corporation and a huge presence in the industry by himself, and his ethic and leadership styles, stressing simplicity and one-on-one management, were greatly significant. He also was not one of those executives who hoarded wealth with fat paychecks or gloated about his own accomplishments. If anything, it is his caliber as a man of humility and vision that makes me miss him most.

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