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Hi again, guys!


Okay, so I thought that I'd let everyone know that I'm planning on going to Youmacon in Detroit, MI on the weekend of November 4-6. I don't really have all of the kinks worked out, however the best part is that I'll be 18 by then and legally able to set things up on my own now!


So far, the plans are either a) Dota and I drive up there (of course, he just turned 18 this past Monday and doesn't even have a license OR a car, so this isn't really the most thought-out option), B) drive to where my friend, Pride, lives and then carpool with her and probably a few of her friends, or c) find out if anyone else in town I know is gonna go and hitch a ride with them. :P


I'm planning on cosplaying as Gamzee for a day and the rest of the time just take it easy, probably wearing a few HS shirts or such. I'm hoping it'll be fun!




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