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Emoticon Updates




As I browse the forums I am happy to see some of the emoticons have been updated. For example, :biggrin: B) :( and :) all look better. I like the =) one looks less creepy now, before it was a bit creepy at times. And many of the emoticons are the same, like the beloved :P


However, there is a problem.


;) has not been changed. Why hasn't this been changed? Does this condescending look not need updating like the other guys? If a moderator uses it, that's cool, because they're a step up from us anyways. But I still think it should have been updated. Anyone agree?





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Of course it should be changed. ;) It's rather condescending, after all, like whoever uses it thinks their opinion is more important than yours. ;) Perhaps it could be a moderator-only emoticon? ;)

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The new ones came with the software. Apparently IPB loves being condescending as well as unhelpful.

XD that was priceless haha.

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