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I Wonder

Queen of Noise


Sometimes I wonder what assumptions people have about me based on people I associate with, or used to associate with. I wonder how many of those assumptions are false.


I'm curious. Feel free to tell me here everything you know, feel, and assume about me, both positive and negative. I'd also be interested in hearing things you used to think/assume about me that later or recently have been shown to be false.


I want to know how I am perceived and how I have been perceived!


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I assume your a brony. :P


I do adore My Little Pony, especially Friendship is Magic, though I don't really call myself a "brony"...I feel that's a label for a particular subculture, I guess? I'm not really into labeling myself. I just enjoy the show enthusiastically and un-ironically.


I also assume you're Christian, cause I think I remember seeing something about that a while ago.


I'm 'Christian' in the sense that I accept David Bowie as my personal saviour. Bowie is my Christ!


And I assume you have fantastic musical tastes.


I have.........the GREATEST musical tastes :smeag:


That's about it, but then again, I don't tend to assume a whole lot about people.

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Well you certainly are popular.


I don't think I was ever able to actually say a word to you or greet you at BrickFair.


Aw man well don't ever be afraid to come and say hi! BrickFair's a total whirlwind, I know. So much going on simultaneously! I don't think I had a chance to sit down that whole weekend. I'm thinking of going to one of the smaller conventions this year too, for a change of pace.

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I assume you are awesome because you hang out with me. :P


I also spent a night in your bed! Bryan was there too! And Byron! :D

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I can only reason with here-present evidence that you have the capacity for composing blog entries and submitting them for a public audience to view via world-wide network communications.


Also, you're the confounded person who inadvertently got me to pony.


Other than that, it's always been pretty neutral.


Except I preferred your set reviews more than anyone else's.


Because you did video.

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