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I Spy With My Little Eye



The new boards allow me to see who follows my blog. I was pretty surprised to see some unlikely people follow it! That's pretty cool, I suppose!


Carry on!



(Also, how does one edit blog settings? Seriously, halp!)


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Keep it secret, and keep it safe. Never must you blog open, for then the dakr lord's servants will be drawn to its power...


No wait, somethings wrong there <<

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You have no idea just how much I don't read reference topics, Deevs. XP To this day, I have not even looked at the entire list of BZPower rules, just like how none of us actually bother to pay any attention to the iTunes agreements, just to give an example. I know, I'm such a terrible person! XD

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You should really read reference topics if you're going to post. Especially when everything is new and we have outlined just what is what in the reference entries. You know, specifically so you don't have to ask us the same questions we've already answered.

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