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Notes From A Discoing Coat Lover



A lot has happened since my last entry on April 14th. Most notably, however, I finally have a job!

I started working at Target in mid August. Sadly though, it gets in the way of making comics and writing chapters for my comedies. :angry:


I got my comics topic back up, and also wrote a new chapter to Mata Nui High School (which I've also posted up on here again too).


My older brother is moving down to Georga on the 20th, so today we're having an early Thanksgiving (yes! I get to eat a bunch of food and call it a holiday TWICE this year! :evilgrin:)


But yeeeaaah, it's nice to see BZP back up, and pretty cool for it to have modern social site features. Though it's been said a million times, would be cool to have a "like" button...but that's not really that big of a deal to me. :P

Sadly coming back here will make me have to see bronies again..but what ever, I'm not on here so often anymore anyway.

My music list has grown a bunch since my last interests lists update...too bad I never reached the limit before the site changed...and I don't know if we have the limit on the new site, but I'll find out next time I edit my interests list. :P


Mega Man Legends was canceled. :angry: That is all.


May the coats be with you, and of course remember, disco is in this year! B)


-Jordboy1 :miru:


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I'm sure it really depends on the store and position you applied for, but I find it fairly easy and everyone friendly and there if you need help.

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Awesome. Oddly enough, after I commented on that, I got a call from them D: interview Wednesday!


What position are you?

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Only one line on Legends, Jord? Well, I guess my entry picks up there. Even if it was made before this. =P


Also, I'll try to read the new chapter soon. I'm still trying to figure out if I've read the other you had put up or not. =P

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@Omishad: I work food ave, carts, and occasional cashier shifts. I also do sales floor when needed, but hardly ever. I might also try service desk. :P

But I was hired as a cart attendant originally. lol But hey, congrats and good luck on the interview! :D


@Neo: Chyes chyes, I wanted to go on about it, but that pretty much sums it up lol

I've also kept up with the groups of people at NYCC and such with their efforts to bring it back. 'twould be epic!


-Jordboy1 :miru:

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