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Fresh Makuta of Bel-Air


Not sure how many people who read ADITLOGF regularly actually read this blog, but if you are I'd like some feedback on my past story. Tell me the things you like or disliked. Too many memes/images? I'll be honest: It's been a while since I wrote for it and I'm a little rusty on that style of humor. This is your chance to influence the next story, so don't be shy!


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I kinda wish that the Pit of Fire That Has Some Important Role in Chapter 97/4742/whatever had, you know, some important role? :P


Aside from that I don't have much else to point out, really. The memes and images did add a lot to the wackiness, though, so you should keep them for the sequel.

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Yeah, that's fully on me. I made a long term plan on having 97 chapters without actually planning it out, so I kind of fumbled that one. I will still add some memes and images but I don't think I'll use as many.

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