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Fresh Makuta of Bel-Air


Hey all. I rushed a little on Chapter 2 - usually I do it in the morning before my classes but thanks to an alarm issue I slept a little too late to finish writing it. That said, I may release Chapter 3 this weekend if I get a chance. I still have a lot to do but if I'm free Sunday or Saturday I may finish outlining the chapter and release it outright. This isn't a guarantee though; if it's not here by Sunday at midnight don't be upset. Just assume it'll be here Tuesday (and it will).


Someone mentioned a sequel to Nuparu's Greed in the short story topic. I'll consider it. It's a lot of fun developing a human character out of a Matoran. I can use it to convey a message in the story that the reader can look at and think about.


Just a writing tip for the 5 people who read this blog: a message is important. I can get away with randomness in a comedy but in a more serious fictional venue you have to connect to your audience or they'll lose interest. Galigee's epics, for instance. All of them had a very human side to the characters and I enjoyed reading them. Bonesii (I think?) puts together some good stuff based on the canon but goes more into character development. Another good one I remember was The Turkey Shoot. I can't remember much about it, but it was awesome. If you have your own universe of characters, you'd better be sure you make them interesting or people will have no incentive to pay attention to them over Tahu or Kopaka.


Also, Sunny was hilarious tonight. The looting at the end was hysterical.


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