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Quick Update

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer


Should I start this blog off with a question...? Or should I say what's on my mind? Add a cello here to add a sad impression...


I just wanted to mention I'm about a week behind on PMs. I've recently gotten myself hooked on a certain video game and have been playing that during my computer time instead of answering messages. (Shame on me! *Smacks forehead.*)


As soon as I finish the game (I'm almost done, hurrah!), I'll begin answering my lovely little personal messages. They're so fuzzy... But for now, although you can feel free to PM me, keep in mind I won't be able to answer for several days. (But I will most likely read your message.)


Also, my inbox only has room for three more messages at this moment in time. If anyone is really, extremely, absolutely, totally, and completely bored, they can send three messages and fill up my inbox, just to get the pleasure of getting the "messenger full/disabled" error when they try to send a fourth message. I'll even put the guilty member's three messages in my blog. :P


But anyways, that's it.


*Insert particularly profound and witty ending line here.*



Turakii (Beware kamikaze onions)


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Better make that full Turakii! :P Oh, and can somebody send me about 21 more Pms?


TLH: That is the result of not cleaning her PM box enough, I think alot of those are old, moldy, and/or dusty.

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I got a lot of old dusty PMs in my box to that I need to clean out. :P


What Video Game is it Turakii? Lately I have been very active on BZP, but got back into my obsession with Sims 2.


Good luck on beating the game.


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Well, I'm way behind in PMs in general. All of my correspondents seem to have evaporated, excluding Turakii, of course. :P


Wow, I only have 387 PMs in my.... Inbox. But I have about a hundred more in other folders, though. O_o


Well, good luck with the game, and I hope to hear from you soon. ^_^



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Well, I think the game would be something along the lines of a Larryboy game, after all, there are onions in it.
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Nope. SPG, you're wrong. I checked in with Macku and it's "Halo". She's hooked on it.

SPG? Dude, don't you recognize me? :P


Halo... hey, I thought Traku was obsessed with Halo. :mellow:



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:P Oh, thanks.


The weird thing is, I've never played Halo before, so I wouldn't know if it owns everything; besides LotR, SW, Bionicle and all the other stuff Tohunga said. :P

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It's not that, KIE. My son's problem apparently extends from the fact that his computer accesses the Internet first through a switch and then through a router. Somehow, that seems to interfere with his ability to connect to online games. Or maybe just the Red Alert server, I'm not sure. Turakii was able to access the Serious Sam server from her computer, but she and the online friend she wanted to play with couldn't find one another's games. (This stuff is way over my head.)


Either way, now that Turakii has finished Halo, she should get to her overstuffed PM box--if she doesn't get bogged down with busy server messages this weekend.


Toa Macku

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On that Larrybot vs. Matau thing, I'd know who would win, *speaks like nerd*


NITHER! Are you kidding me? Matau is a blithering moron and Larryboy can no way deafet anyone with his plungers!pfft!


I'd win! For, uh...um...Hm...What do I have? Forget it, I vote for me.



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