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aradiamegidotorsodecal.png tavrosnitramtorsodecal.png solluxcaptortorsodecal.png


karkatvantastorsodecal.png nepetaleijontorsodecal.png kanayamaryamtorsodecal.png


terezipyropetorsodecal.png vriskaserkettorsodecal.png equiuszahhaktorsodecal.png


gamzeemakaratorsodecal.png eridanamporatorsodecal.png feferipeixestorsodecal.png


godtierjohntorsodecal2.png godtierjadetorsodecal2.png godtierrosetorsodecal2.png


godtierdavetorsodecal2.png godtieraradiatorsodecal2.png godtiervriskatorsodecal2.png


heroofhearttorsodecal2.png heroofmindtorsodecal2.png alphadavetorsodecal.png


kohiladenkaetorsodecal.png veronaixsilltorsodecal.png




So, here's the fruits of my LegoStuck efforts as of late. I feel like I kinda dropped the project for whatever (procrastination) reason and that I should try to do it again. :)


I still feel a bit bad though, because I never got to send my end of the trade for the Jackel minifig head. And honestly, I completely forgot what I was supposed to send, ehhe. :blush:


But, all is good and well in the world! I ordered some Clear Waterslide Decal paper from Papilio, and upon using it I discovered that clear decals aren't really the best thing for minifigs with torso colors other than white.


So! I found a color chart with the RGB codes of an accurate LEGO color palette and modified my existing decals to suit them; the later decals skipped that step altogether and were simply created as is.


As this project continues, I now know that the best option to use for the waterslide decals would be the White Waterslide Decal paper. Provided the color codes are correct, the decals should match with official LEGO brick colorations quite efficiently. :)


As mentioned above, the only color that the clear waterslide paper works on well is white; thus, I tried my luck on a prototype minifig; Doc Scratch:





Upon doing this, I learned a few things about applying them, specifically that the 300DPI that is recommended for LEGO torso decals aren't exactly large enough. Secondly, it's difficult to apply them altogether. Next time, I should clean the surface of the LEGO brick with a bit of rubbing alcohol and then apply the decal, so that no residue weasels its way between the decal and the torso.


Aside from those problems, the decal application process went extremely smoothly! I'm very happy with how this is happening and look forward to creating more decals to do this. :biggrin:


P.S. I know that the border of the jackets for Tavros', Vriska's, and Kohila's jackets are a bit thick. I plan to thin it out a bit soon because, to be honest, I only want a border allowance of ~2px. :P Done. :)


Edit: Per Aho's request, here's a nice set of kids' torsos:

johnegberttorsodecal.png davestridertorsodecal.png


jadeharleytorsodecal.png roselalondetorsodecal.png


janecrockertorsodecal.png jakeenglishtorsodecal.png unknownlalondetorsodecal.png


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