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Red Skull Incarnate

Blue Fire


I was at Barnes and Noble back in October. I was looking at the comic books, looking at whatever caught my eye. Then I find this one comic book, and from the corner, it had that look and a font that I would find in a World War Two propaganda poster. I picked it up, and it had The Red Skull on it.


Being a fan of Captain America, and knowing who his nemesis is, I decided to pick it up, and get a little backstory on the guy. Even though it was the third in a series of five, I didn't believe I would've missed much. Right now, I'm have regrets that I didn't find this series sooner (and I'm looking for parts 1 and 2 as we speak).


I can't really describe the story overall (again, I need parts 1 and 2), but it's one of those stories where you sort of feel bad for the villian. Like a tragedy, you watch as what could've become a good person, takes the most depressing of a fall (if that's the right word), to the point of where he becomes one of the cruelest characters in Marvel's Universe.


So, what can I say about the story's theme? I want to say that its theme was about wasted potential, because someone tells Johann that they can change the world for the better, for the weaker people, but Johann, after going through the life he had, he just wants to be strong, and only strong, at any cost. And that was shown through-out this issue.


Now, to go on the hunt for Magneto: Testament. I hear that's pretty dang depressing.


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