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I'm (Finally *catches Breath*) Caught Up With Homestuck

Captain Marvel





my mind has been blown



20 thousand times over




But in all seriousness, it is a very funny and interesting story, and it is also the reason I have pretty much disappeared from BZPower for the past week. I have become slightly obsessed with the zodiac after reading it for so long, but I doubt my fascination will last for very long as it is. ;)


At any rate, I bought a transparent turquoise D20 which I have been using as a means of determining the probability in percent of a certain outcome. I multiply the number on the die by 5 (20 x 5 = 100[%]) to get the percentage in relation to the number. I must say that it has been surprisingly accurate with matters of relatively high importance, although it seems to be less accurate on more trivial matters. However, I plan to purchase more, because 1 just simply isn't enough. (I might even get 12 [Haha see what I did there? With the number of the zodiac signs? [not counting the new one]].)


Now to talk about the Homestuck trolls. I am simply fascinated with the concept of it, and I commend Andrew Hussie for making the characters so darn cool. <3 My patron troll is Sollux Captor, which I think is funny because we're both psychic. (:P) And just for the record, I took several Homestuck character quizzes, and my results were always the same: Dave Strider. B)


-Captain Marvel


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