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Internet Arguments



I remember getting into internet arguments only twice. I felt so ashamed afterwards because they were dumb. A stain on the tapestry of my life. Hours I can never regain. ;________;


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Internet arguments are pointless. As are arguments in real life where there is no way one side will be convinced of the other's view.

That doesn't stop us from wanting to tell people that they're wrong though. :/



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I think if everyone remains cool-headed then a civil debate on the internet, where two people hold opposing viewpoints, is plenty possible. If it weren't, it would be hard to hold a meaningful discussion, because if someone posted something you disagreed with you'd simply be forced to ignore their comment entirely. On some sites, this sort of discussion (where everyone ignores all the previous comments and posts only to trumpet their own views out-of-context) is sadly the norm.


With that said, there's a fine line between a civil debate and a vicious argument, and it's a line I have inadvertently crossed from time to time. And I always regretted it afterwards, because usually the angrier the discussion is, the less productive it becomes, and also that anger and tension tends to stick with you.

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Guest kopakanuva13


I got into an argument with DeeVee on another forum once, which was incredibly silly because I'm pretty sure we were arguing from the same side but were just being really sarcastic and crude and misunderstanding each other. And also I was being kinda ignorant and started arguing about the fact that it wasn't worth arguing about.


Internet arguments, never again.

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