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One day my friend WILL become a music sensation and I'll reveal who it is in my blog. And you will all be so shocked that you will...


ANYWAY, I showed him some of the stories this blogfad has spawned. He liked the stories, but doesn't like the attention. Because of the traumas of the past year, he just wants to forget it all and move forward with his music career. Maybe it was a bad idea to tell his story...


BTW, unless something happens, there will be no part 4 to his story until he becomes famous.


In other news, the reason I'm saying this here is because for some reason I can no longer post comments or fast replies. I think it's a side-effect of hitting 100% Internet usage this month... :( What this blog needs is an alternative method to fast replies regarding posting comments in blog entries.


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If the story is true, good luck to your friend. If it isn't, I don't really know why you would write such an outrageous story. Again, if it isn't, I wouldn't see why you would have the intent of lying, honestly. Still, these stories about this guy you have to really stretch your belief - getting stabbed in the heart is something you simply just can't survive from and turn out okay in the end. =/

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Okay, so he is not giving up rap for policework. Ok.

I don't quite buy this story, but I guess time will tell. Someday. Maybe.


Okay, probably not.

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Unfortunately, revealing it in your blog after some random rapper becomes a "sensation" isn't going to prove anything.


People who don't buy the story now, won't buy the story later. Even if you claim your "friend" is someone who ends up on the scale of Kanye West and the like.


Point in case?


Don't make unbelievable stories, post em in a blog, and not expect to be teased or laughed at for em. Unbelieveable stuff is... well, unbelievable.

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Ah man, and I was looking forward to part four.


But yeah, waiting for him to become famous is not going to do anything, as unless he specifically states you on public television, no one is going believe you.

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