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Today's Train (And Bus :( ) Trip



So, I took the train to Southern Cross and bought my V/Line ticket, explaining exactly where I was headed. Sadly, there is still no passenger service between Geelong and Ballarat, so I had to take the bus instead. :( On the bright side that made the tickets cheaper! :biggrin:


During my half-hour wait for the start of the next stage of my journey, I explored the other side of Southern Cross station, where I had gotten my tickets. This side was full of diesel train routes, and I was surprised to see that they comprised the lowest numbered platforms. All diesel trains end their journeys in Southern Cross station.


When my journey started, we went down the Weribee line, and I quickly regretted not having my camera: at one point we had to stop and wait for another train in front of us. At that point I looked out the window and saw a rabbit outside! Rarely do we see wild rabbits in the Melbourne metropolitan area!


Eventually we arrived in Geelong, and I explored the station and surrounding area for half an hour. Didn't see any restaurants so I couldn't have lunch, which I guess was just as well.


At last the bus arrived, and we hopped on. During the trip, we listened to the Cricket on the radio. India was bowled out for two-eighty-something runs. The driver was surprisingly social, and chatted with a few of the passengers, including myself. I guess it's the kind of place where everyone knows everyone. At one point he even talked on the phone and told a story of picking up fare evaders from a foster home who had claimed someone was trying to abduct them.


When we finally arrived at Ballarat, I was planning on having lunch there. However, surprisingly, the next train back to Southern Cross was already waiting! So I got on it and returned to southern cross, passing Bacchus Marsh, where my grandmother and her celebrity family were brought up as kids long ago.


When I arrived at Southern Cross I got the next train to my hometown, where I had lunch (at 4pm) and bought a birthday present for my mother, who's birthday is tomorrow.


And, uhh, yeah! That was my day!


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