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What I'm Doing For My 21St



I'm headed into the city with a group of friends I made in a social media group, where we will celebrate my 21st and a fan's 20th, so I'll be out all day! :D


Tonight, I and a babysitter (yes, I'm getting a babysitter at 21 :/) will have to look after my brother, and he's in a bad mood atm. My parents will go out to another friend's 60th birthday party. I wasn't invited because of my 21st birthday; it'd be impolite to interrupt a 21st with another birthday. I hope to spend that time playing Pikmin! :D


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Um, you're twenty one. Why are you even still living with your parents?


Also, why do you need a baby sitter if you're officially old enough to drink even in conservative America? I mean, twenty one is considered in most places the highest age at which point one gains independence.

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Alex, it seems slightly rude to be putting him down because he lives with his parents. In case you haven't noticed, there's a recession, and people don't always have the wherewithal to go off by themselves.

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In restrospect, yes, I am being rude. My apologizes MoZ, though from what I understand, Australia has managed to avoid the global recession thus far. I must be mistaken.

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Okay, to answer questions, the babysitter is for my disabled brother, not me. ATM they're out for dinner and I'm at home.


Also, I live with my parents by choice. I don't feel I'm mature enough to live alone yet. Gimme about 3 years and I'll see how I go.

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