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Queen of Noise


1. She has never steered me wrong


2. She is the best


3. She is also the best admin


4. She is sitting right here in the room with me and we have been having dope times all week


5. She is a true friend, like wow


Shout-outs to Makaru, Nukaya, DeeVee, and the exceptional LehvakLah who are also right here in this room too!! I love you allllllllll <3


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You're lucky you even live near any other BZPers! :(

We don't live anywhere near each other, actually! I'm from Oklahoma, Nukaya is from Oregon, McSmeag's from Virginia, LehvakLah's from NJ, Tufi is from Vancouver, BC, and Makaru is from Calgary, Alberta. We're just all visiting.

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