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It's Official: Rarity Is Best Pony



While handing out fliers with some friends for a church event, I called out not one, but TWO girls wearing Rainbow Dash shirts (at different times). We brohoofed, and we all agreed Rarity was best. One went so far as to say she WAS Rarity.




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Luna is best pony, but that's still pretty awesome.

Also, why were they wearing Rainbow Dash t-shirts if they like Rarity? :P

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The same thing sorta happened to me too. I heard two girls in first block discuss Rainbow Dash (in a whisper). Our fandom is spread deeper into the real world.


@Hahli Husky we need more epic Trixie shirts and more epic Twilight shirts.

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@ Sumiki: One of them might come to a thing at a place tomorrow. I gave her a flier and shouted after her I needed help making more bronies in this church.


@ iBrow: Well, they were both 20% Cooler shirts (different designs, both with RD on them still), which is a pretty distinguishing brony phrase. And there aren't many awesome Rarity shirts, as HH said.


That said, with Birthday money I want to get one of those new Fluttershy messenger bags and maybe a t shirt from welovefine. I'm going to look at the designs now~

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