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Games Of 2012



Thought I'd go ahead and round up the games I'm looking forward to this year, because I'm procrastinating because I feel like getting a hold on them. So, in order of North American release:


Resident Evil Revelations [3DS/February 7th]

I'm a big fan of the RE series, and when I heard there'd be a full entry on the 3DS I was hyped. Took them a while to make it (it was announced way back at E3 2010), but the demo they released was pretty darn good, and I'm hearing a lot of good reviews. My big hope is that it's got good replayability like past games.


Tales of the Abyss [3DS/February 14th]

Although I have a PS2 lying around, I never picked this up when it released, and I hear the 3DS port improves on the original in quite a few ways (mostly load times). The Tales games might be a little overcliche sometimes, but they're still quite enjoyable, and I do have a fondness for handheld RPGs.


Mass Effect 3 [PC/March 6th]

I am a sucker for Mass Effect. I fell in love with the first game's atmosphere and universe, and the second game (while far from flawless) kept me hooked. Bioware's made some pretty anti-consumer moves recently, and I'm still not happy about the game requiring Origin, but this is day one for me. I really want to finish out Shepard's story, and it looks like gameplay-wise they've made a lot of good decisions. As for multiplayer, well, we'll see how it goes, but I'll probably play it at least some.


BioShock Infinite [PC, TBA 2012]

Confession time: I never actually finished the first BioShock. Don't ask me why, 'cause I don't really know. But Infinite looks jaw-droppingly good; the setting alone had me sold.


Paper Mario 3DS [3DS, TBA 2012]

They had me at "Paper Mario is going back to being an RPG."


Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People Die [3DS, TBA (Feb. 16, 2012 in Japan)]

Ever hear of a little game called 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors? It was a visual novel for the DS that followed a group of characters trapped in the deadly Nonary Game aboard a sinking ship. It was tense, atmospheric, and had some truly wonderful twists and turns near the ending. Good People Die is the sequel, based around the Prisoner's Dilemma, and while it hasn't been announced for US release, it seems likely considering how well 999 sold.


Fire Emblem: Awakening [3DS, TBA (April 19, 2012 in Japan)]

I'm a big fan of the Fire Emblem games, and this latest entry looks like it's combining a lot of the best parts of recent entries. This hasn't actually been confirmed for a localization yet, but Nintendo seems pretty focused on pushing out 3DS software, so this should have a good shot.


Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney [3DS, TBA (2012 in Japan)]

I am hyped for this game like you wouldn't believe. I love both of these series, and seeing them in one game - one being written by Shuu Takumi, who gave us the original AA games and Ghost Trick - is crazy exciting. The soundtrack alone will probably be worth the cost of admission.


I didn't realize how many of these were 3DS games, but I guess that's what happens when you lack a 360 or PS3. Well, it could use the extra titles, so I can't complain.


Anyone else looking forward to any of these?


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What, no Bioshock Infinite? That's easily my number 2 game this year, after Mass Effect.


Number three, if Episode 3 shows up by some form of fairy magic.

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What, no Bioshock Infinite? That's easily my number 2 game this year, after Mass Effect.


I knew I was forgetting one! Adding that to the post for sure.

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Bioware's made some pretty anti-consumer moves recently,


Thanks to EA, that is.


But yeah, I can't wait for Mass Effect 3 and Bioshock Infinite.

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