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Resident Evil 6



Just announced. Go watch the trailer, I'll wait.






The good: Leon is back!



Putting this on the 'wait-and-see' list. PS: This is just me being snobbish, I enjoyed RE5 a lot even though that was way more action than horror.


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Like I said, go track down the trailer (it's on That Video Site). You'll see what I mean. Though Leon's segments seem a bit more like Revelations, and I don't know what's up with the third character.

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Honestly, aside from playing(And dying tons of times on) the first couple minutes of RE2, REvelations is all I've played of RE. xD So, I'll watch the trailer, and see what you're talking about. =P


Funny though, because back in the summer everyone was asking when RE6 would be confirmed. =P


/EDIT: Okay, I think I see what you mean, though it was honestly not easy to tell between cutscene and actual gameplay. =P


I'm not sure what's up with that third character either; Chris and Leon were obvious even to me; but I've never seen that other guy before, not even in screenshots for other games... A new character?

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Looks like it, though people are saying the blonde girl with him is Ashley from RE4, going by the design and voice actress. Speculation is that he's Alex Wesker, a clone of Wesker who was mentioned in one of the RE5 DLCs but wasn't shown.

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Yeah, I was going to mention about the girl being Ashley, but didn't know if you wanted any actual spoilers, disregarding Chris and leon showing up again. =P


And hmm, interesting. If I ever get some way to play the other games, I might give it a shot. Or at least RE2, since I failed at that the first time 'round. -_-' You know you're bad when you can't even get past the first level once you finish the cutscene. =P

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Well, RE1-3 are of a... different age. An age where dying fifteen times in thirty minutes just meant you were a man. (It would be higher, but load times and all...)

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