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Target Haul



Went to Target, got Rocka, Black Phantom, and the last five Series 6 Minifigs.


Rocka looks a lot better in person than he did in any of the pictures I saw (even DV's). His color scheme works surprisingly well, despite containing gold, gunmetal, silver, bley, black and trans green. The only parts I don't like about him are the trans green Thornax gun part (would look better in a solid color), and his really short arm that gets in the way of things because of all the things sticking out of his gun.


I remedied this by swapping his lower gun arm and Black Phantom's neck, which was too long. Other than that, Black Phantom is pretty good. Lots of good black parts, especially. He's definitely the best Fire Lord type set, but the wide legs still bug me. Despite their simplicity (or rather because of it), his arms are the best looking part of him.


In the blind bags, I found a flamenco dancer, a grey, a mechanic, and two butchers. While the flamenco dancer was the only one I've been wanting to get from this series (out of the ones I got, I mean), the others aren't bad and will probably have some use in the future. Still, kind of a bummer none of them were the space girl, robot or bandit... but maybe Target will restock.


Curiously, Target didn't have Evo, Toxic Reapa, Breez or Thornraxx stocked. I understand Breez and Thornraxx were delayed, but it's odd the other two weren't there.


Oh, here are two bad photos that won't interest you at all if you've seen other photos of the series six minifigs. one two


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That's okay; while the store around me have lots of figs, I have only seen Rocka, Furno, and Black Phantom once, and none of the other HF sets. :(


Hope you can get a chance to work on your minifig selection :)



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I saw Black Phantom and Rocka at my Target a few weeks ago, but I went with Jawblade and Reapa instead. Now they haven't had any 2012 sets since then. I check every other day D:


I keep meaning to start minifig collecting.

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