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I Ran Into Joker



"He seemed happy to see me. But he did ask if I'd 'embraced eternity' lately..."


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Haha, glad to see I'm not the only one replaying mass effect in excitement for the third game.


This time around for my main character, I did the Shadow Broker DLC before the suicide mission since I was planning on cheating on Liara with Tali (On my old profile I let Tali down gently and stayed loyal). Unfortunately I couldn't bring myself to romance them both because I feared the repercussions in Mass effect 3. I spent a long time wondering who I liked more and what I was going to do. I finally chose to cheat on her and face the consequences, but when I was wrapping up the Shadow Broker DLC, Liara told me herself that she didn't want to put pressure on me since it had been two years, and I told her we'd just be friends.


So now I get to romance Tali. I liked them both about the same personality wise, but Tali does have the whole "not knowing her face" thing in her favor. I'm hoping she's more alien looking though. Asari look pretty human to me, and though I'm in the minority, I would rather romance an alien looking alien over a human looking one. I'd romance Garrus with my ugly Shep, but he's gonna be in the ME3 squad, so he has to die.


Besides, now I get to romance Jacob, hands down the creepiest romance in the game. Perfect for Mufasa Shepard.



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I hate Jacob.


I thought he might grow on me, like Ashley/Kaidan/toalesserextentMiranda, but NOPE.


I think I just wrapped up my... fifth playthrough? Let's see, played as Engineer, Sentinal, Vanguard twice... nope, just fourth.


I've romanced Ashley (never imported that one), Kaidan (stayed true), Tali and Jack. And one I think I left blank for new romances in ME3.


After ME3 comes out I'm sure I'll play at least twice more - once to get the absolute worst conclusion, and once to get the absolute best.

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I've only ran ME2 twice (once with a Paragon MaleShep carried over from ME1, once with a Renegade FemShep made in ME2). Stayed loyal to Ashley with MShep and popped Garrus's heatsink (his words, not mine) with FShep.


Somehow on the FShep run I managed to get Jacob to the conversation about "spilling some drinks" rather than ever triggering any romance dialogue. I still don't know how I did it.

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All my playthroughs have been primarily Paragon, with some Renegade thrown in if someone is being a ##### (which happens a lot). Though in this most recent one I took Morinth instead of Samara. I like both of them as characters, and dislike both of them as people, so it's always kind of been a tossup on who to help.

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Ugh, I want Shadow Broker, but I don't want to pay half again as much as I paid for the game in the first place for the story DLC.

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