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Tafe-Related Work Beyond Tafe



Last year, one of my assignments for TAFE was to hand-code a website for a real company. I submitted the website for my selected company, and passed that assignment. It was then left to them to sort out uploading it to the Internet.


I just got an e-mail from them last night, saying they've still yet to upload it. I'll be seeing them this afternoon to try and answer questions they have for me. Wish me luck!


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Alright, I've had it. This has gone on far enough.


What the heck is TAFE? You keep putting up entries about it and I have no idea what you're talking about! :P

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TAFE = Technical And Further Education. It's kind of like University, in that you usually study at TAFE after high school. However, it's a lot more hands-on and less theory than Uni. Plus, it's not uncommon for some older high school students to study a little at TAFE during the school year too.

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