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The Long Night





The name's Kyle Hyde. It's been three years since I quit the force and left New York. Now I'm a salesman for this outfit called Red Crown. On the surface, Red Crown's a door-to-door sales firm dealing in household goods. But Ed, the boss, has himself a little business on the side. He finds things that don't always want to be found. Keeps it quiet, too. From time to time, I lend a hand. Ain't the greatest gig in town, but... I got nowhere to be and nothing better to do. You hear me, Bradley? This is it. This is what I'll be doing until I find you...


Been replaying Hotel Dusk and Last Window, two of my all-time favorite games. Everything about them just works - the art style, the music, the puzzles, the superbly-written characters, the story. My only gripe is that Last Window's translation was handled by Nintendo of Europe, so the script is noticeably dryer than Hotel Dusk's. If you have a DS, I highly recommend tracking them down.


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