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Major Pikmin Progress



I've made a LOT of progress in Pikmin 2 in the past two days.


Yesterday I discovered the Wistful Wild and the Doomsday Aparatus. Then I made 100 purple Pikmin to haul it to the Ship. I then found the rest of the above-ground treasures, and then started making progress in the Dream Den.


Today I collected every treasure in sublevels 1-13 except one on sublevel 10. The one I missed was surrounded by water, and I didn't have enough blue Pikmin to haul it to the research pod. Then I found Louie sitting atop some treasure, which was actually a Titan Dweevil! I was able to use yellow Pikmin to pry loose its Shock Therapist, the only weapon in its arsenal that instantly kills Pikmin, but that doesn't work on yellow Pikmin. Then I was able to get it to the research Pod, disarming it completely. Then I was forced to retreat because I only had 10 Pikmin left afterwards.


I returned with mostly blue Pikmin, collected that last treasure, defeated the Titan Dweevil and rescued Louie! :biggrin:


There are still two more caves I need to complete to complete the game.


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I have.


Scary as the Waterwraith was to deal with, I have to say it's my favourite boss because of its uniqueness, and the fact that you face it on every floor. Games need more of that kind of thing IMO.

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