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My First Pokemon Trading Card Battle



So, I attended another meetup in the city today, which was held at a place called Good Games. It's a venue where people play various trading card games, including Pokemon.


Because I'm the world's biggest Machop fan, a friend gave me three original Machop trading cards! :D They have no competitive use anymore since they're so old, and were banned for being too OP for their time anyway.


I also played a proper game for the first time! The end result was determined by the toss of a coin! I won, but since it took a coin to decide the winner, my opponent and I were pretty much equally matched, and the match was as good as a draw! For a while it did look like I was gonna be beat, but then a combination of Zekrom and Cleffa... YES, A 'MEASLY' CLEFFA WAS A MAJOR PLAYER... allowed me to come back lightning-fast!


I'm now inspired to try competitive TCG playing on a larger scale. I'm considering making a completely colourless deck. Yes/No?


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