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I went to Chadstone Shopping Centre today and watched Pokemon White: Victini & Zekrom in Hoyts with some friends from that no-longer-mentionable Pokemon group. :biggrin: The movie was OK (despite having Scraggy :annoyed:), but the video and audio was out of sync! :o Their lips would start moving just before they started talking! At least that annoying "Let's go!" from the Hoenn-Sinoh sagas is gone.


Later, I went shopping with a friend and got... STOP THE PRESS... an HF set!!!!! I also got a few Pokemon cards to add to my deck.


Next week I'm heading to Good Games in Melbourne to hopefully buy another deck to add to my custom deck, and trade with people to boost my deck further. Want to trade? Seek me out at Good games Melbourne. Look for the AC/DC shirt.


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I am amazed they are still making Pokémon movies...Also which set did you get?

Black Phantom. I used its pieces to create a Special Forces Skrall with a unique (for a Skrall) torso.

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