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It's Been A Year...



...since my grandmother died.


My grandmother was a semi-famous poet, who at one point had her own poetry segment on radio station 3AW. She was even on TV once! She was the sister of famous author Frank Hardy and former queen of Australian television Mary Hardy.


I wrote a poem of my own about her for her funeral last year, which I will share here:


Grandma was a caring soul,

A loving grandmother,

I'm honoured to have known her,

I'd ask for no other.


When I was a little boy,

I'd go for a holiday,

My time with her was a lot of fun,

Never any grey.


We rose to the top of the Rialto,

And won big in Luna Park.

We had a great time together,

What an absolute lark!


Now those days are no more than memories,

But memories I'll gladly hold dear.

Rest in peace my grandma,

May you no longer have to fear.


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