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Why I Hate Scouts



Scouts was mentioned in my last blog entry, once again prompting me to express my always-controversial opinion.


I was in Scouts for 12 years, in a group called 1st North Frankston. It was horrible. I was forced into camps I didn't want to go on, I and others were treated like peasants by our tyrant of a group leader, called Maroa Pedlar, and that same leader literally tried to do everything in her power to keep me from getting my Queen's Scout!


While she failed to stop me from getting it, she did permanently scar me, worsening my whinging ("complaining" in America's tongue) tenfold, which directly led to me getting bullied when I started TAFE, and just plain hardening my heart. Basically she undid everything I was supposed to develop in Scouts. Even though I have since mostly recovered despite a nightmarish 2009, I am but a shadow of my former self (and I was here in 2008 before it TRULY started, in case anyone noticed the change).


What did I do wrong? I have no idea. APPARENTLY I got punished because my mother got on Maroa's bad side, as if I caused it. The seeming fact that I did nothing wrong to deserve what I got proves that she was a bully at best. The moment she quits for whatever reason is the moment the group can finally become competent, assuming it doesn't die first. From what I've heard, her tyrrany has continued after I quit, and she has moved on to other victims.


I know there are BZPers out there that do Scouts atm. Just take this entry as what group and leader to avoid.


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I expected TF2 entry =P




Also, you've been bullied at TAFE? You should speak up.


Yeah, I also don't like Scouts either for political and personal reasons. Organizations that discriminate are not ones I want to support or be part of.

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Well that's how she saw us. She only cared about herself and her reputation.


I did speak up at TAFE, but nothing was done about it. I was forced to seek counselling, and she recommended I quit, because only my pride and my stubborn strak were keeping me in that course. One day I'll name and shame them too, but their names are so common... :( It was those bullies that first started my prejudice against gamers.


And if you mean Team Fortress, I don't play it (but one of my TAFE instructors did help make the original!)

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Waffles, this was only in my first year. I learned from the mistakes I made that year. I'm in my fourth year now, and each course has gotten better and better socially.


Rarity, I'm actually surprised I'm getting nothing but support thus far. I was completely expecting a backlash from those currently in Scouts. I suppose I see now why Scouts are considered "a dying race", as we were described during the 100th anniversary celebrations in Melbourne.

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I got a lot out of my scouting program, but in all honesty my troop had lots of issues as well. It was mostly composed of younger kids who did not want to, or just physically couldn't due to age, go on more strenuous (see: exciting) outings. There were also very few scouts who cared much about the program to participate in the troop, and only about two who were willing to be in leadership positions; myself being one. I was SPL for at least two years and found running the troop to be quite frustrating. It's no coincidence that the troop folded shortly after our last Eagle 'graduated' out. There was just no motivation to continue.


I think Scouts is a great program (hence why I worked at a scout camp over the summer). I just wish I had a better experience. I'm sorry yours was also negative. At least our mentors were (mostly) dedicated and supportive. The few who weren't were quickly removed.

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Scout camps were frequent, especially during Winter. How many episodes of Funniest Home Videos have I missed? How many times have I had to tell my teacher that I can't do homework given on Friday and due on Monday because of said camps?


And I HATED camping in tents! Always did!

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Scout camps were frequent, especially during Winter. How many episodes of Funniest Home Videos have I missed? How many times have I had to tell my teacher that I can't do homework given on Friday and due on Monday because of said camps?

Well the whole point of camp is to get AWAY from things like AFV. :P As far as homework goes, it is very difficult to find a good balance between school work and scouts (trust me, I know), and sometimes you have to sacrifice a campout or two. I hope you weren't forced to attend by your leaders. Scouts isn't something that should be forced, which is probably where a lot of these problems come from.


And I HATED camping in tents! Always did!

But it's so much fun! :(

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Curious why you would have removed my comment...


Never have regretted "missing out" on this part of childhood. I knew a good deal of people in high school who were a part of local scout troops (or however you refer to them... and I am speaking of the American equivalent) that I had somehow never heard of or knew about while a kid. So when they had to miss. say, a band practice for something dealing with scouts, I did question... Would I have still been devoted to it? Would it have actually improved my physical well-being? Things like that... But then I remember all the things like this I've heard about and know I'll never put my son, should I have one, through anything like it.


I'm sorry you've had such an unpleasant experience.


@Rarity: Come to think of it, the people I know who were/are involved in it here were "better off" than my family... Not surprised at all by them being stuck up.

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I was mostly forced by my parents, who wanted me off the computer as much as possible, regardless of homework. My group leader would take advantage by looking out for me stepping one foot out of line, and if I did she would tell my mother and make me look stupid.


I'm a sheltered child, and not even Scouts could change that. I FAR preferred Funniest Home Videos over camping!

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There isn't much that can beat Funniest Home Videos.


And I had a teacher like that. He really seemed to hate me.

I think it was because I told him his monobrow (one eyebrow) wasn't real, because there was a tiny gap in the middle. :P

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