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From: Quick Q On Matoran Kanohi



We all know that Matoran become weak and eventually unconscious without Kanohi, and yet also do not have the mental capacity to use Kanohi powers. My question is, why did the GBs design the Matoran to rely on the Kanohi, when the Kanohi apparently only serve as a weakness to them, gaining nothing from the masks. This one has got me absolutely stumped... :???:



Source: Quick Q On Matoran Kanohi


Well, it looks like my phrase "Quick Q" has caught on! :o


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because it's totally original and you were totally the first person to use it.


:shrugs: Well I had never seen anyone else use it before...


BTW WOOT 1,000th comment! :D

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Easy to Prove. Look anywhere.


"Quick Q" isn't a phrase, considering "Q" Is an oft used way of quickly saying question. Hence Q&A.


Quick Q isn't original.



And as far as the actual masks went, the GB's created a great variety of life. The Toa, Matoran, and Turaga are all essentially part of the same species, and so fundamentally must be quite similar. Hence why each loses power when they lose their mask. Think of it as the difference between a child, an Adult, and an Elder. The Child has none of the experience or knowledge to survive, whereas the Toa and Turaga have much more power and experience with which to do so.


Fundamentally the three are the exact same species, just "evolutions" of it. Thus they must all share key characteristics, such as their element, latent elemental powers, and reliance on Masks.

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Look, I didn't know people were using it before me. The face that someone came up with it before I did was purely coincidential. I'm sorry.

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Oh don't be sorry - i was just pointing out that technically... well no one "came up with it."


It's like saying that the phrase "Taking a quick break" caught on. It's just something that's said.

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