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Art Contest 18



Who else is planning to enter? So far there haven't been any entries, but I'm sure some of the more talented artists here already have entries in the works and are simply devoting more time and attention to them than I have.


I finished drawing my entry this morning, but I may add more detail. Right now it has very little shading, but I'm hesitant to shade much more than the background details, and I'm certainly not planning on inking this one. It looks very nice right now in graphite, and while I might add some color digitally, I don't plan on treating it like much more than a line drawing.


I normally wouldn't expect my drawing to stand a chance, but with so few entrants and an idea I think a lot of people might appreciate, I suppose I might at least be able to impress a few people, even though better-quality entries are sure to turn up.

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I've made some plans and stuff, hopefully I'll finish what I have in mind.


And you can enter more than once you know, since you have a ,lot of time left. :)


- 55555

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