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Sixth Bzpversary



... Was actually a month ago, oops.


It's been a pretty great six years, you guys!


I know this might sound shocking, but I actually have a couple MOCs in the works right now. Crazy, right? Maybe I'll post them.


Haha! No. But I might send them to Deevee soon, dunno.


(Also I've been buying Mega Bloks lately, shhhhh)


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They're Halo Mega Bloks. I daresay they're a better medium for Halo toys than Lego. Yes, I know it's an awful thing to say, but Mega Bloks spends the money it saves buying lesser plastics creating lots and lots of new molds. I have a mini Jorge and he is kind of adorable and really detailed.

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To be honest, I've been impressed with the Halo Mega Bloks toys I've seen in stores. From what I've seen, they seem to rely far less on single-purpose complex molds than the Mega Bloks of my youth, tending more toward more versatile slopes and windscreens. Not to mention that the Halo figs, being either aliens or armored characters, don't have to look like the butt-ugly figs seen in their other lines like the Pirates of the Caribbean theme they had before LEGO snapped it up last year.

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Yeah, I have a regular marine Halo fig and he is truly hideous. Only works with aliens and Spartans, really, otherwise they are too... wide.

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