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Change Of Plans?



So... Going to Brickfair might not be significantly more expensive than going to Brick Fiesta. But I feel like it would be significantly more awesome. And also would give me a month longer to prepare. Also it seems like all of my BZP friends go there and I would love to meet you all for reals. Should... should I try to do this?


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Now don't get ahead of me here... Of course, there would still be the issue of accommodations because I don't want to pay for a plane ticket and all of a hotel because that would be like... $1000. So, does anyone want to go halfsies? XP

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From my experience, transportation is usually the make-or-break deal money-wise for conventions. Hotels and registration and food are always pricey, but I spend roughly the same amount on them at different conventions, whereas plane tickets cost more than a car trip, ext.


Anyway, hope you can figure out how to get up there and enjoy the convention. :)



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If you can stomach it, Greyhound rates to Springfield, VA from Texas/OK are roughly ~250 round trip. Wayyyyyyyy cheaper than flying.

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I found some tickets for $380. Dunno if that would be worth it.


Honestly the more I think about it the more I want to go, but the more I know I shouldn't. =/

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A hotel would be probably $125 or so depending on how many people you get into your room.

$50 registration fee.

You calculate food (about $80 for me).

And of course LEGO spending.

And other things.



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