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Oooh, The Future!




I am quite intrigued by the interesting things Faber has been posting to his website (it's great that the front page shares updates. Though now I placed it in my RSS feed).


Two things:

First, I threw together this wallpaper with the MoL unused poster he posted.


Because that's what I do: I make wallpapers I'll never use from cool images.


Second is his What about the future? entry with a cool and mysterious image and taglines. (Check it out because I won't deeplink it.) Color me intrigued! Probably more biomechanical stuff, in our world, and animals and the ocean and whatnot, and some promises (albeit from the creator, so it's biased, but what isn't these days?).


It'll probably be better than Hero Factory at least...and reward the Bionicle fan a whole lot more with any luck.


-CF :kakama:


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:kaukau: First, the background is nice and I don't know why you wouldn't use it at least briefly. I really ought to change my own backgrounds more often, come to think of it, so I'll be using this image for a few days.


Anyway, the "What About the Future" thing interests me. Like you said, it looks like it should interest a Bionicle fan like me, being a unique sci-fi world that's spent seven years in the brainstorming stage, so I hope it comes out as something magical and fresh. But particularly magical, like the good old days of Bionicle.


Your Honor,

Emperor Kraggh

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