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Art Contest 18: Final Poll Open!





My entry, Swarm of the Century, narrowly made it through Preliminary Poll A, and as such it's now a contender in the final poll! Click here to go to the poll!


I think it goes without saying that Crunchy's two entries, which dominated the preliminary polls, will also sweep the voting in this poll. It's kind of a shame, because the rules state that each member can only have one winning entry, and I'm worried that with Crunchy's entries so likely to get most of the votes, the margin between the remaining entries will be very small indeed. I won't mind losing this contest (it's not like I have any kind of reputation to uphold), but with such a slim margin I don't want to feel like my entry won or lost by random chance.


One way this could be avoided in future contests would be to do it like how another LEGO forum I use often does MOC contest voting. On that site, voting is done through posts rather than polls, which makes it more difficult to track, but you get more than one vote (still a finite number), and can distribute those votes how you prefer (either award all of your votes to one entry, or divide the votes evenly or unevenly across multiple entries). This way, even if you have one overall favorite, you can also show support for other entries you consider deserving. And as such the runners-up will be decided by more members than just those few who didn't like the winning entry.


But I'm not going to pressure anybody to vote for my entry. Vote for the entry you think is best! All the entries in this poll got through the preliminary polls by their own merits, and the same ought to be true this time around!


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Click where to go to the poll? I'm afraid there's no link.


Oops! The URL was there but I forgot the http:// . The link is fixed now.

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