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The Horde/skakdi Group Organization And Discussion Entry

Vezok's Friend


Thanks guys! I hope this blog does help us to organize these things better. Even though I've GMed a whole RPG before, running a group within the BZPRPG is something I am not 100% sure how to manage yet. So, you'll get to participate quite a bit ^^


Active members:












Group code (Well, more like...'guidelines' ;) ):


-The horde is a mercenary fighting force mainly comprised of Skakdi members. Other species are welcome, but they have it tough and the Skakdi don't trust easily, so their respect must be earned.


-The Horde doesn't care who you are and what you've done prior to joining, except if you served Makuta. If you're a Skakdi, know how to hold something sharp and want to get back at big M, you're welcome.


-The Horde's goal is nothing less than the defeat of Makuta and his forces on the Island of Mata Nui.


-Rhow may act as the de facto leader of the group, but she's not a despot, so discussions about the course of action are quite welcome and don't shy away from asking the group to go on quests you find worthy of pursuing.


-As nice as the group is, by Skakdi standards at least, as hard they are when it comes to keeping it that way. Better watch what you are scheming, or you might call down the wrath of the group down on you.


Active Missions (Location,Members):


-Destroy FoM hideout in Xa-Koro.



Yeah, so, discuss ^^




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Gaaah, I need to keep up with this. I missed out on a whole bunch of posts. Sookus already bumped into you in the Bright Star Inn, can we say he stuck with you to the Kini Nui jaunt?

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Obviously enough, Viloz is part of it. How could we possibly forget the Horde's most charismatic figure who does a load of greeting and peace-keeping? :P

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