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40: A Short Leave

Kal the Guardian



Vacation! I will not be able to get on BZPower from the 30th to the 7th of July. So that means I won't be here for the RPG Contest! Sad. :( And I'll also miss out on a crucial week of Day Run. So not only will I not be able to promote Shifting Sands, I won't even be able to cause trouble for Parugi. And I just know he is dissapointed about it. :P


So I leave it all upon everyone who reads this blog post to go out and vote/promote Shifting Sands for RPG Contest 24! Obviously Parugi is in control of my characters while I'm gone, although I have a lot. And he already has enough to worry about with finishing Day Run on time.


Also, if Shifting Sands does win, I probably won't be able to get it up on Sunday. It will be up Monday, if nothing stops me. Wait, did I say if? I meant when it wins. With Waves of the South, obviously. Because both are awesome.



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Three hours north of where I live in Wisconsin. Like half an hour west of Green Bay. Little Lake of Awesome. We rent a house (not really a house, but more than just rooms) right on the water's edge. Plus we go up with family friends. It's definately my favorite week all year. Although I do miss my home town's fireworks, but that isn't too important. I won't die. Maybe...



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