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Got More Train Trips Planned



I now have 4 weeks off TAFE, which gives me plenty of time to do some train trips around the Melbourne metropolitan area! :D


I plan to go from Caulfield to Pakenham by diesel train because I can, even though electric trains terminate there. This is unique to Pakenham: you cannot travel between the city and any other terminus by diesel.


I also plan to travel the shuttle service between Newport and Williamstown. It will likely be the last time I'll see 3-carriage electric trains, which run on the Alamein shuttle line, and probably will at Williamstown too. The rest of the electric railway uses 6-carriage trains. Might visit the Newport Workshops while I'm there too.


I could also travel the Sydenham line. a diesel service branches off at a station on that line and I want to see if the automated marquee on each train says something about it.


A new station called South Morang has been created beyond Epping since my last visit there. Might have a look at that too.


Also, I might take a few trips down some tourist railways, and to the Seymour Railway Heritage Centre.


First and foremost I need to top up my Myki card! :P


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