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Back In America




The trip has instilled two things in me: A love for Japan, and a hatred for Canada.



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I'll bite; how does going to Japan make you hate Canada?

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Because we changed planes in Calgary. Only, there was some bad weather (not even much of anything serious) there at the time, and our flight was cancelled. They didn't even bother to help us find a hotel, and we spent the night in the airport.


On our way back from Japan, we stopped in Toronto for the night, and stayed at a ###### hotel.


I am bitter.


(Air Canada does have awesome planes though)



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Eh, I think they do that everywhere at times. And Toronto, despite me not really having much experience with hotels in general, is likely just like any other typical big city. Especially hotel wise. =P


I am sorry you had bad experience with hotels and such in Canada. =/

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