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Art Updates - Flash Fire Contest and Other Drawings



I've been quite productive artistically in recent weeks. I mentioned in a previous entry a drawing based on Neil Gaiman's The Sandman. I haven't colored that yet, but I decided I might as well share the lineart online. Some people might be tired of ponies, but I find them a great source of inspiration, not to mention really fun to draw!


Additionally, I've posted my entry for BZPower's Flash Fire Character Design Contest. I've been working on coloring this drawing for a while, and finally finished earlier today. I have a drawing of Vakama which I'm still busy coloring-- if I'm lucky, I may be able to finish it in time to submit it as well, but otherwise I haven't ruled out the possibility of submitting it with just flat colors, without the same complex gradient shading.


And just this past week, I've created a Ninjago drawing that I'm quite proud of. It's a young Kai and baby Nya with the rest of their family. I know it's not especially realistic (Kai is probably three or so years older than Nya, whereas here he looks six or seven while she's an infant), but once the image popped into my head I knew I'd have to draw it. I did quite well at keeping the lineart clean on this one, which makes me happy.


Overall I am glad that I'm back to being artistically productive. Being on BZPower has been a great motivation for me, what with the many art contests. And I'd be neglectful not to mention that my BIONICLE/My Little Pony crossover drawing Swarm of the Century took the second prize in BZPower's GAC #18 Battlescapes! I'm very proud of this accomplishment, or, to quote Nathan Evo,



I'll do my best to continue drawing whenever I can and wherever I happen to find inspiration. It feels very good to be so productive during my summer vacation, and I pray that the same inspiration, motivation, and encouragement find their way to some of my best friends in the art community who are currently struggling to find these things.


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